Marc van Rosmalen

Owner & Legal specialist ||  ☎ +31 (0)85 888 1447

Marc comes from an international family. Where his grandfather took Marc’s grandmother and their children from The Netherlands to Spain to provide for them in the early 1960’s, Marc himself moved to London for work in the year 2000. Two and a half years later he moved back to The Netherlands, but not before he had married his Polish wife.

Marc’s family has also provided him with his entrepreneurial blood. His grandfather, his mother and his uncle and aunt were all business owners. Before Marc’s father retired, he worked at an insurance company where he set up the anti-fraud department. The finesse and accuracy needed for a job like that is something that Marc has inherited from him.

Marc’s drive to aid people has led his career from hosting in high-end restaurants and serving people like the UK Deputy Prime Minister at distinguished banqueting functions, to helping business owners streamlining their credit management processes and collect their outstanding invoices, to providing them with legal advice and representing them in court proceedings.

Because of the influences from his family, the experience Marc has gained from working with entrepreneurs and from being an entrepreneur himself, he can quite easily understand the needs of his fellow business owners. Always wanting to know the ‘why’ behind decisions, Marc can effectively separate main and side issues. This helps him to quickly identify the core of his client’s needs. Marc often gets complimented by his clients for his honesty, his clear and open communication and for being able to think out of the box, which helps him to service his clients at best.

At Stroop! International Business Consultants Marc happily services businesses of all sizes. Among his clients there are a toy design and production company and a major gambling enterprise. Marc has his focus on representing his clients in Europe in the broadest sense of the word, guiding them into a proper legal business setup and advising them on legal agreements with for example vendors, customers and commercial agents. He also has hands-on experience with bookkeeping and filing tax returns, as well as advising on European product compliance and CE-certification.