On 25 May 2018, the new European privacy regulation came into effect. The name of this regulation is General Data Protection Regulation, abbreviated the GDPR. This GDPR was written to (further) protect the privacy of citizens of the various European Union countries.

Although the general consensus is that the new regulation is a good thing for EU citizens, it did bring quite a burden upon companies both registered in and outside(!) the European Union. 

Your company needs to adhere to the GDPR when it processes the personal data of EU citizens. This means that any company worldwide that sells products to B2C customers in Europe, needs to comply with the requirements set out in the 68-page regulation. 

The difficulty with the GDPR is that it tells you what you need to do and what you need to have in place, but not how you should do that and how the required documents should look. This makes it very difficult to start being compliant. 

Stroop! has experience with implementing the GDPR in the day-to-day processes of both EU and non-EU companies. We have bundled these experiences in a whitepaper you can download for free, in which we explain what the GDPR is about, what the key components you need to know are, and which documents you need to have and use to comply. You can download this whitepaper at the bottom of this page.

To help you even more, we made a GDPR Toolkit for you. This toolkit contains all the documents you need to have in place and includes clear instructions on how to personalise them for your company.  This toolkit combined with about three hours of your time will make your company GDPR proof. The price for the GDPR toolkit is a modest 55 euro and is available for online download here.

When you have any questions about the GDPR in general or on how to use the toolkit, make sure to contact us!

Download the whitepaper here: