Claim your flight delay

Under European Law, there is a fair chance that you are eligible for compensation up to € 600 when your flight to or from Europe was delayed, cancelled or if you were not allowed on board (irrespective of how much you paid for your ticket). We at Stroop! have experience in dealing with airlines and to claim this compensation on your behalf. Check below if you are eligible for compensation!


  • Your flight started or ended in the European Union, or you flew with an EU-based airline
  • Your flight was delayed by more than 3 hours, or your flight was delayed for more than two hours but you were not offered food and drinks
  • Or your flight was cancelled
  • Or you were denied boarding
  • The delay, cancellation or denying was not the result of a circumstance for which the airline is not responsible (terrorism, bad weather, act of God, but NOT a faulty aircraft or a sick pilot)

Send us your flight details, and we will give you free advice of your rights and how we can claim your compensation!