Exhibition results!

You invested a lot of money in going to Europe to challenge an exhibition for the first time. You had the perfect stand with the perfect product, so what could go wrong? You were able to get some contacts, but the search for customers did not work out as planned. Some small parties showed interest, but in the end they all gave up on your product as you were planning to send from your home country.

This is a real scenario we have heard several times. Participating in an exhibition takes planning, investment and time, why not prepare for the handling of orders at the same time so you are really prepared?

Why did they give up on my perfect product?

If you plan to challenge the EU market without a distribution plan in place, then do keep in mind that all your buyers will have to pay for shipping from your home country. On top of that, they will need to pay the VAT and duties at time of import, which could make your products too expensive for them. The thought of having to wait for your product and the hassle of taking care of the import and the costs involved are a turn off for many interested buyers.

Maybe at your stand you had interested people, but the moment you told them that you would send from your home country they walked away? You would have been able to keep their interest if you had European warehousing and fulfilment in place.

Isn’t warehousing and fulfilment hugely expensive?

You were willing to invest the money in attending an exhibition, so the next step is to be willing to invest in serving your customers with warehousing and fulfilment. With an EU warehouse more people will keep their interest in your products as they can receive the products fast and cheap without any hassles of importing formalities. Storage of one pallet of product does not cost more than 10 euro per week, storing of a few boxes is only a few euros per week. The price of shipping the pallet or boxes depends on the size and weight of course, but these costs can be included in your wholesale prices. Your price per product will therefore go a bit up, but the interested buyers will keep their interest as you can tell them that you will ship from within the EU. Wouldn’t it be a perfect selling argument that they can have their products by the end of the week?!


We can help you with the above and will be able to make you a competitive quote to really turn your participation to any exhibition in Europe into the success that you anticipated it to be.


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