Brexit: May’s Brexit deal voted down

Tonight UK time Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal was voted down in parliament. She now has three working days to present a revised plan to bring to a new vote. This seems an impossible task, as the EU has said many times before they will not discuss the deal any further. Also, with 432 MP’s voted against (as opposed to 202 that voted in favour of the deal), it is not just a few people that need to be won over.

Where does that leave the UK? A hard Brexit has come much closer now, which would mean that they leave the EU without a deal in place. No deal means no treaties, which in effect means Britain will become a very difficult trading partner for EU countries.

Another possibility is that the UK asks the other European Union countries for an extension on the leaving date of 29 March 2019, so they have more time to amend the current proposal. There also still is the possibility that Brexit will be cancelled, which should be preceded by a new referendum. Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, Twittered his reaction after the results of the vote were published: “who will finally have the courage to say what the only positive solution is”.

With only 73 days left to what at the moment still is the final leaving date, the Brexit situation is now more insecure than ever. This means that when you do business in or through the United Kingdom, your business there is insecure as well. In our last newsletter we recommended you to start thinking about a backup plan. We now think it is time to prepare your steps for implementation of your backup plan. You should be ready when it comes to a hard Brexit, so you can continue to offer your level of service to your customers. 



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