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(stro’-p), noun, m., Dutch thick (sweet) sticky, substance made from sugarbeets or cane sugar. Variety: fruitstroop (frœyt-stro’-p), made from pears and apples, originating from the southern area of The Netherlands. Used to attach two cookies to make the delicious ‘stroopwafel’. We at Stroop! International Business Consultants want to be the connecting factor for your homebased and your overseas business; we want to be your Stroop!

Growing your business is our goal

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make, is to want to do everything themselves. Only business owners that do what they are good at and outsource to experts what they’re less experienced with, have a chance to become big. For us it is not just about the money. We take pride in being a part of growing your business and will support you all the way.

Use our network

We have a vast network of partners that we do business with. We select only the partners that we trust with your business. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, and by putting your needs first we are able to select the right party for you. We have good contacts in the fields of transport, warehousing, fulfilment, banking and insurance, production factories and many more.


 We take pride in being a part of your growing business